Mare Island 3D Scanning Photo for Historic Preservation

On November 4th, on-site documentation took place in the form of several workshops, sponsored by California Preservation Foundation in partnership with Mare Island Historic Park, Vallejo CA.

Demonstrations of laser scanning, photogrammetry, drones and large format cameras engaged a curious audience eager to learn more about innovative technologies currently used to assess, evaluate and measure historic properties and landscapes.

Mare Island, site of the U.S. Navy’s first permanent base on the West Coast, has several hundred structures and sites of historic and architectural interest. The shipyard opened in 1854 and had the first permanent drydock, turning out ships from WWI & WWII in its 142-year history.

3DVDT performed a live demonstration of laser scanning the facade of Building 46.  Built in 1855 and once the Pipe Shop/Smithery, it is an example of industrial Romanesque Revival architecture.  A presentation by Shari Kamimori followed, explaining the post-processing registration of the scan data and included case studies focused on post South Napa Earthquake analysis of several historic structures damaged by the Earthquake.

Point Cloud Mare Island Facade 3D Scan for Historic Preservation by 3DVDT

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