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As-Built Documentation

At 3DVDT, we understand the importance of accurate documentation of existing conditions that our Clients can rely upon when beginning their renovation, restoration or construction projects. Our 3D modeling and 2D CAD deliverables are created directly from our 3D imaging capture to ensure the highest quality product, delivered with confidence.

What We Offer


3D BIM Model Rendered

3D Modeling / BIM

Whether you need a 3D geometric model for AutoCad or a parametric/intelligent 3D Building Information Model (BIM) for Revit, we have an experienced team and established workflow that can quickly and efficiently model from the point cloud scan data or from your existing 2D CAD drawings.

If your team would like to create the 3D model in-house, we can deliver the registered 3D Point Cloud Model ready for import into your modeling program.


From the BIM model, we can automatically extract 2D CAD plans, sections, elevations and reflected ceiling plans that can be further enhanced with drafting detail for lighting, electrical, mechanical or fire system plans.

2D orthographic images created from the scan data can be delivered and used as a reference underlay or for 2D tracing.

3D Mesh Modeling For Heritage / Immersive Technology

Especially beneficial for Heritage mitigation, 3D mesh models can be delivered in addition to 2D CAD drawings requested for Historic American Buildings Surveys (HABS), Historic American Engineering Record (HAER) and Historic American Landscapes Surveys (HALS) or for archival records for Heritage sites being demolished.

3D production artists are among those leveraging 3D models to create virtual, augmented or mixed reality experiences.

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About us

3D Virtual Design Technology, Inc. services the Architectural, Engineering and Construction industry with reliable as-built surveys of the existing conditions using 3D Laser Scanning, Aerial drone surveys and 3D Photography to create digital 3D models and 2D documentation for renovation and construction projects. The innovative 3D capture is safer, faster and more accurate than most traditional methods of measuring, reducing project cost and the risk of errors.

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