CASE STUDY: Technology in Historic Preservation – Berkeley Community Theatre Auditorium Attic

Project Success: Documenting difficult-to-access existing conditions with the use of 3D laser scanning technology Berkeley Community Theatre (BAHA Archives) Case Study Learning Objectives: Describe access challenges and create planning strategies to develop methodologies for capturing and documenting difficult to access sites. Illustrate the advantages of using laser scanning technology for precise measurement of difficult to […]

Enhancing Building Inspection Methodologies with LIDAR + PHOTOGRAMMETRY

Building Facade Inspection Requirements in San Francisco According to the Building Facade Inspection and Maintenance Ordinance of San Francisco, legislation requires the facades of certain buildings having five or more stories to undergo initial and subsequent inspections according to a schedule based on the original construction date of a building. In addition to the original ordinance, […]

Advantages of 3D As-Built Documentation

A New Era of Building Scanning Documentation: Part 3 The construction industry is no stranger to technological evolutions, and one revolutionary progression that is taking it by storm is 3D as-built documentation. Combining reality capture, building information modeling (BIM), and 3D building documentation, this process revolutionizes how construction projects are executed and managed. This article […]

7 Applications of 3D Laser Scanning for Historic Preservation

A New Era of Building Scanning Documentation: Part 2 Historic preservation is an endeavor that requires immense patience, precision, and attention to detail. It involves maintaining and preserving architectural heritage, and artifacts of historical significance. 3D laser scanning technology is revolutionizing the way we approach the protection and restoration of our valuable historic artifacts and […]

10 Benefits of 3D Laser Scanning for Buildings

A New Era of Building Scanning Documentation: Part 1 With more and more stakeholders requesting a Building Information Modeling (BIM) delivery, every construction project will have to begin with 3-dimentional documentation of the existing building conditions for any renovation, adaptive reuse, seismic upgrade, tenant improvement or restoration/conservation project. Terrestrial or ground-based 3D laser scanning has […]

Napa Crescent Housing Project Approved

Napa Crescent Housing Project Aerial View of Site

On May 2, 2023, the Napa City Council voted in favor of the Crescent Housing Project, to be developed by Heritage Housing Partners, located at the Napa County’s vacant Health and Human Services campus

Historic Recordation of Sonoma’s Watmaugh Road Bridge

3D model of Sonoma Watmaugh bridge for historic recordation and preservation

To address the impacts to the historic existing Watmaugh Road Bridge over Sonoma Creek in Sonoma County, Caltrans agreed to a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with California State Historic Preservation Officer (SHPO) to include recordation prior to the start of work…