Leaders in Scan to BIM Technology

Servicing the Architectural, Engineering and Construction Industry

Our team consisting of licensed architects, professional land surveyors and certified scan technicians is leading the industry by delivering quality as-built surveys using high definition 3D Laser Scanning and Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology, or Scan to BIM. We are highly skilled professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in architecture and measurement, and most important, we know how to capture and interpret the 3D scan data to create a usable and accurate deliverable that is useful to our clients.  Our talented BIM modelers, together with the scan team, can maximize the benefits for your rehabilitation, restoration, retrofit or construction project by incorporating our skills into your company workflow.

Our unique Scan to BIM workflow that we have developed has proven to be cost effective and highly efficient, from scanning/surveying in the field, processing and validating the data, to creating the as-built model, you can be assured your project will be delivered accurately and on time.

San Francisco Bay Area and Beyond . . .

An array of projects surrounding the San Francisco Bay area include: City Hall, Fort Point, Fisherman’s Wharf, Potrero District, Noe Valley, Financial District and expand to the South and North Bays. Our virtual and remote capabilities allow us to collaborate with strategic partners to accommodate your projects throughout the U.S. and Europe.