Leaders in Scan to BIM Technology

3D Virtual Design Technology (3DVDT) is leading the Architectural, Engineering and Construction industries in Scan to BIM technology.  We combine High Definition 3D Laser Scanning with Building Information Modeling (BIM), to capture the subject and create a model of the as-built conditions, faster and more accurately than traditional surveying methods.  Our expert team can help you determine the best solutions for your specific project needs.

The raw point cloud serves as a tool for 2D tracing to extract precise measurement information, visual presentation, virtual 3D tours, clash detection, digital preservation/conservation of heritage sites, and of course, 3D BIM modeling.  The deliverables acquired from 3D Laser Scanning Technology go far beyond the AEC industries, however, they all share a common origin, "documentation of the as-built environment".

High Definition Laser Scanning

3D Laser Scanning captures spatial data by the use of laser light.  The shape, position and spatial locations of objects are recorded by millions of points. The scanner's ability to see everything in its line of sight and create a Point Cloud (a set of vertices in a 3D coordinate system, defined by X, Y, Z coordinates) has revolutionized spatial data collection.  Once scanned, the data is then registered, producing a Point Cloud that can be imported into the BIM program to create an accurate, fully parametric 3D model that can be used for operations, planning, construction, facility retrofits and as-built documentation.  Customized deliverables can be exported, providing you with a foundation for the further development of your project.  View our Case Studies to see how Scan to BIM can be the solution for your projects.  

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