MEP Modeling

3D Point Cloud + BIM Model

MEP Modeling
Electrical Room

MEP modeling can be extremely labor intensive and therefore costly. On occasion it will be necessary to model the MEP however, more often the point cloud (scan data) can be integrated into the architectural/structural model. The elements that are secondary or shall be demolished need not be modeled and only the critical or elements to remain shall be modeled.

The MEP point cloud is a 3D model and can therefore be viewed in plan, section or elevation view. When combined with the architectural/structural model, it becomes easier to interpret and navigate through.


We can also provide you with accompanying 2D scaled images that could be used as an underlay for 2D CAD tracing or as an aid for further proposed design modeling.

Here you see the MEP modeled in its entirety. This video clip is an example of a MEP scan to BIM application.  The main electrical switch room, along with the adjacent offices were scanned and modeled for a rehabilitation project. The building information model served as a 3D tool for analysis as well as 2D as-built documentation for planning.

About us

3D Virtual Design Technology, Inc. services the Architectural, Engineering and Construction industry with reliable as-built surveys of the existing conditions using 3D Laser Scanning, Aerial drone surveys and 3D Photography to create digital 3D models and 2D documentation for renovation and construction projects. The innovative 3D capture is safer, faster and more accurate than most traditional methods of measuring, reducing project cost and the risk of errors.

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