Should I Stay or Should I Go? From the US to the UK

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Worcester Cathedral

With today’s technology, it is pretty cool to be able to communicate with a collaborative partner “virtually”, however, there may come a time when “face-to-face” contact becomes necessary in order to grow the relationship. So I asked myself, “should I stay or should I go?” The answer was clear, and a recent trip to Worcester, England proved to be a trip worthwhile.

The initial contact was established through Linkedin and the communication via emails. We then progressed to virtual Skype conversations, which led to a collaborative working relationship between the two companies.

The convenience of remote access to data and communication, allowed us to effectively deliver the project until the project size began to grow. The overseas time difference, combined with traditional ‘snail mail’ (data too large to send via internet) posed unforeseeable problems to meet the deadlines.

So off I went to Bury Associates, Ltd. in Worcester, England to learn about their in-house workflow, speak with their managing staff, and most importantly to build trust and rapport for enhancing the partnership.

There is no doubt that electronic communication is valuable and cost-efficient for initiating contact and establishing rapport, but when things get more serious, it’s time to make a trip in person!

Office with Steve
Steve Bury, Managing Principle and Sally Cooke, Office Administrator, at Bury Associates


Office with Phil
Training with Phil Tapp, BIM Manager at Bury Associates


On site
On site with their new FARO Focus 330x!

I would like to credit the inspiration of this trip and idea to an article I read in Entrepreneur Magazine, August 2014 by Sophia Dembling