Scan to BIM Solution For Off Site Fabrication

By June 10, 2015Uncategorized

Pre-Fabrication of a Containment Structure for the historic Goodman Library

Designed by local Napa architect Luther Turton and constructed in 1901, the Goodman Library suffered extensive damage from the South Napa Earthquake in August of 2014.

The tower stands currently at risk of further damage due to potential after shocks and vibrations from a development project under construction directly adjacent to the building. The imminent danger of falling masonry presents a potential hazard to passers by down below.

The immediate concerns of City officials to shore-up the tower presented several challenges to the project architect and engineer.  Ultimately, the ideal solution would be to design and construct a containment structure off site whereby the contact of contractors on the fragile roof structure was minimal.

The solution: Laser scanning is an effective, non-invasive method to document buildings too fragile or structurally unsound for direct contact.

3DVDT was commissioned to laser scan the building and produce a 3D model. The scan data was used to accurately measure the tower virtually which enabled the architects to design the containment structure without physical contact to the building or rooftop.

The containment structure will be pre-fabricated off site and hoisted by a crane over the tower where it will be secured.  Minimal roof contact will be necessary by a single contractor to anchor the containment structure to the roof.