Port of Oakland 9th Ave. Terminal

Oakland, CA

As development of Oakland’s largest new building development in a half a century is underway, efforts to save the historic 9th Avenue Terminal at the Port of Oakland have resulted in the preservation of the historically significant portion of the building, to showcase a maritime museum.

The main purpose of the warehouse building was to handle lumber, steel and other bulk commodities. It is the last surviving municipal terminal in Oakland constructed from the 1925 voter-approved harbor bond, and has been in continual use from October 1930 to 2015. It is a rare example of a particular architectural typology; a prewar municipal port building utilized for break-bulk cargo in Oakland with railroad spur tracks on either side, and extensive open platform space along the west side.

Point Cloud Overlaying 3D Model 

3DVDT surveyed the 180,000 sq. ft. warehouse that was opened in 1930 at the west end of Brooklyn Basin. The survey was executed using 3D laser scanning technology to create a 3D model and 2D CAD drawings.

The exterior was scanned in color, and the interior warehouse was scanned in black & white.

3D Model & 2D CAD Drawings