Mission San Franciso De Solano

Sonoma, CA

California’s most northern Mission, San Francisco de Solano, located in Sonoma California, an hour north of San Francisco, had a relatively brief career as an active Mission from its founding in 1823 to secularization in 1834.

Now owned and operated by California State Parks, the mission is part of the 36-acre Sonoma State Historic Park, the Sonoma Mission serves as a museum and gallery. The existent footprint of the mission is predominantly the result of a 1913 restoration.


As part of non-profit CyArk’s El Camino Real project, California State Parks partnered with CyArk and 3DVDT, to digitally preserve the existent convento and chapel.

Running parallel to the San Andreas Fault, the sites of El Camino Real de California are under threat of destruction. Several original structures have already been lost to earthquakes, and many remaining structures are seismically unstable. With the loss of these sites, we not only lose a physical building, but also an important piece of California history.

On this project we used in combination the Leica C10 (Time-of-Flight) and Trimble TX5 (Phase-Based) scanners to capture both the exterior and interior of the Mission.  The registered scan data was geo-referenced to known survey coordinates provided by the land surveyor.

This historic digital preservation project is in progress to create a 3D Model and a set of Blueprints for California State Parks.