Historic Preservation

Center Building, Napa CA

2D As-Built Survey

Center Building, Napa CA
3D Point Cloud Model

The Center Building, a local landmark in Napa’s historic district, is a two-story brick and masonry building designed by famed local architect William Corlett in 1905.

Due to extensive structural damage following the South Napa Earthquake in August of 2014, this building was one of several that were under threat of demolition.

In order to repair and seismically upgrade the historic facade, the original masonry stones needed to be removed.  The local Cultural Heritage Commission was concerned the historic integrity of the facade would be compromised and was against the removal until the architect was able to convince the Commission the facade’s appearance would be restored to mimic the original using scanning technology for the 2D as-built survey.

Having scanned the building exterior facade with a 3D laser scanner, we were able to create a precise 2D CAD drawing of the elevation.  The masonry stones were labeled and a legend was created prior to removal to ensure accurate replacement. Each stone can be measured from the scaled drawing.

Point Cloud Orthographic View
Point Cloud Orthographic View
Point Cloud Masonry Detail
Point Cloud Masonry Detail
2D CAD Detail and Legend
2D CAD Detail and Legend
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3D Virtual Design Technology, Inc. services the Architectural, Engineering and Construction industry with reliable as-built surveys of the existing conditions using 3D Laser Scanning, Aerial drone surveys and 3D Photography to create digital 3D models and 2D documentation for renovation and construction projects. The innovative 3D capture is safer, faster and more accurate than most traditional methods of measuring, reducing project cost and the risk of errors.

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