City Hall

San Francisco, CA


The East Facade of City Hall was scanned and modeled for the purpose of projecting images onto the surface face of the building for an event and live concert staged in front of City Hall.  This technology is called “Projection Mapping” and requires a precise 3D computer model to create the projection video.

Using the Leica C10 Laser Scanner, the building facade was scanned in at high density to capture the building’s elaborate detail. The scans are processed and can be exported as a 3D point cloud or mesh model.

3D Polymesh Model

A 3D model can be exported for import into other 3D compatible programs for development of visualization techniques such as video animation, fly-throughs or gaming.

Once imported, the 3D model was created from the Point Cloud, replicating the building in detail, true to scale. The model was then exported to be used as the 3D template for creating the video projection show by the technical design team.


3D Model Rendered